Actionable Tips To Increase Free Twitter Followers In 2020

Free Twitter Followers MyTechTrail
Free Twitter Followers MyTechTrail

Twitter has been one of the most famous social sites in recent times. If you are an owner of website or blog, you would definitely want people to read your article and follow you.

However, the competition is too high, hence getting an audience for your website becomes a little difficult task. Followers on Twitter increase the visits on your website as you can now reach a large number of audience.

But, for that, you have to first increase your followers on Twitter. People usually struggle to get free twitter followers as they don’t know the ways to increase followers.

Best Tips and Tricks To Increase Your Free Twitter Followers

Here some actionable tips to increase your twitter followers-

Have A Catchy Bio

A bio is something which really defines you.It is something people look for when they first visit your page. So you should have a bio which is really interesting so that it attracts more people and makes you gain more followers.

Make sure that your bio is short, otherwise, they won’t have the patience to go through so much.Keep it short, catchy and interesting.

Twitter allows only 160 words in Bio, so try to define yourself precisely in an interesting way to grab people’s interest in you. In your bio, tell your audience about yourself, who you are, what you are doing etc.

In case, of websites, write about your website what it has for people, services etc. This way people will know about you or your website hence will be interested to follow you for your posts.

Shares Should Be Original and Regular

When it comes to sharing things on twitter, it should be original.It should not be copied or look influenced by something similar to what you have shared on Twitter.

And if you are sharing facts and news about something, make sure that they are right and not fake, Never post made up stories.This is a major drawback which will never help you to increase the number of free twitter followers.

No one would like to read same information, again and again, so always be cautious what you are sharing your account.

Always share your original thoughts, as people would appreciate it more than any regular commonly found piece of information.

The more often you will tweet something new or useful, the more interested will be your audience to follow you and get your updates. Regularly sharing is, therefore, an important way to get more followers on Twitter.

Get Connected To Users Are of Similar Interest

Connecting with the Twitter users is also very useful.They, in turn, can connect you to more users and then your number of followers can increase.

Connect with the users who actually have the interest in your niche. This will turn these connectors as your regular visitors.

Always try to share good knowledgeable posts on your twitter handle to attract their interest.

Retweet Valuable Information With A Personal Remark

Search them on Twitter by using a keyword, with which you will like yourself to be found. This will give you a list of people related to that keyword.

Click on the first person you find and visit their profile. Share their interesting posts but don’t overdo.

Retweeting will help you to show the people that in what you have interest and also add some personal opinion to it. As personalisation would help your audience to know you better.

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Add A Link To Your Twitter Handle In Your Emails.

Don’t forget to include a link to your Twitter in your email signature (just as you would your website or phone number).

Adding your twitter link in every mail will help you to gain organic followers.

People who would communicate you will get to know about your twitter handle.

And if they would be interested, surely they would follow you on twitter by clicking on the link.

Follow Influential People To Get Free Twitter Followers

It is a known fact that the people you follow and the people who follow you are indirectly related. So make sure that you are following the right kind of influential people who have a positive impact on the society.

Make sure that you are not following someone who will give wrong vibes to the people out there. Whenever you follow someone influential, you can see related suggestions.

Always follow people with the good reputation of celebrities, politicians etc. Such people will have lots of followers and thus it will increase your chance to get more followers.

Add An Original Profile Picture

Another important thing on Twitter is your profile picture.

Have an attractive profile picture. Don’t have an offensive or random picture because that will never attract the crowd.

Add your own photograph as a profile photo on Twitter or your website’s logo in case of websites.

Your followers would like to know about you or your brand, to show the profile picture is a great way.

Add An Attractive Header Picture

Add a good, eye-catching image as your profile header image. Something related to you will work best for you.

The header will tell a lot about you, whenever someone would sneak into your profile.

The header should have attractive graphics or something else that could grab someone’s attention.

Promote Your Twitter Handle On Other Social Networks

To grow your following you need to remove all barriers to entry and the main barrier to entry is finding their way to your Twitter profile.

Cross promote your Twitter handle on social sites. Set up a Twitter tab on your Facebook page, include it in your Google+ profile, your LinkedIn page, and any other social sites your business has.

If you have good followers on other networks, it helps you to direct them to your twitter as well.

New followers would get to know your twitter profile whenever they would check your social pages, and interested one will surely connect with you on twitter too.

Adding A Follow Button On Your Blog

Every blogger should add follow button on their blogs to inform their audience about their presence on social media.

Adding a follow button on your blog will compel your loyal visitors to follow you on twitter. This will increase your followers on twitter, and organic reach would become easier to you.

Adding a follow button and a share button can greatly help you to increase the number of your followers.

There are various tutorials available over internet which teach you how to do this.You can watch them and make your twitter page more attractive.

You can also use some follow button plugin to do this work. If you are using WordPress platform, plugins can be easily installed for following buttons.

Add The Link To Your Twitter Handle To Your Author Bio

Whenever someone reads a great informative post, he would definitely get interested in knowing about the person behind it.

Your author bio will help you to tell you. Adding a link to your Twitter profile in your author bio is an easy way to get more followers.

Before you do this, consider the impact that this will have on your other goals.

Don’t Flood Your Profile With Multiple Tweets In Short Span.

Don’t post a lot of tweets in short intervals of time.This will annoy your followers and as a result, they might unfollow you.Tweeting during daytime is an advantage.

According to studies, people are more active in twitter on weekends rather than on weekdays.So never forget to tweet on weekends.

A tweet on weekends would definitely increase your audience engagement and visibility. Increased visibility would increase your chance of getting followers.

Use Popular Hashtags In Your Posts.

Hashtags double your engagement rate. They are their own implicit call to action. Plus, they create higher visibility on Twitter.

You can easily search popular hashtags on Twitter or trends. Your tweets should use popular hashtags which people are already using.

This will create interest of people to click on your tweets or profile, ultimately resulting in increased twitter followers. Hashtags work better than SEO keywords on Twitter in order get free followers on twitter instantly.

Create Your Own Hashtags

Creating your own hashtags would be beneficial for your blog. Create some meaningful hashtags in your posts.

This will generate interests of people. Make sure that your hashtags are creative and senseful.

Void and vague hashtags may even lead you to lose your existing followers or you may get banned on Twitter.

Requesting for a retweet sometimes increases the number of followers.Be in constant touch with your followers and make sure that you never ignore them.

Send Messages To Get Free Followers on Twitter

An attractive thing to do is to send a direct message to those who have just started following you.

This will make them feel special and this, in turn, will increase the number of people following you.

It seems that stimulating conversation with your customers may drive more leads on Twitter than product-based promotion.

Tweets Should Be Understandable

Always make sure that whatever you are tweeting is direct and understandable.It will be of no use if a lot of people fail to understand what you are trying to share.

Only when the majority of people start to understand your thoughts, they can relate to it which will help you in gaining a lot of followers.

Write Short Tweets

As being busy on schedule everybody doesn’t read long messages or tweets usually. This fails to engage users to your blog.

It is recommended to use less but effective words on your tweets. A short tweet would convey your thoughts easily and also can increase followers.

Use Images And Info-Graphics

The visual presentation is always a far more appealing than a written one. How you are approaching your audience matters a lot and is actually a deciding factor of followers.

Always use some image or infographics in your tweets. This will surely prove out to be gain for you. People tend to retweet such posts more than anything else.

Images engage more audience hence will be a beneficial trick to increase followers on your Twitter handle.

Be Active On Twitter Chats

Communication always makes a relationship better. If you want to make good relationship with your audience, have a good discussion with them.

But how you can do so? Well, this not a tough job. All you have to do is search for Twitter chats and participate in it.

You can easily search for twitter chats on Google or get schedules of twitter chats on, where you can start your chats with other users.

You can also use another platform to chat which is Efficacy of these discussions would be same as of any real-life conversation.

This will help you in gaining more popularity and will get increase followers.

Create A List Of Interest

To grow in the industry, everyone needs good connections. You would need too. Create a list on Pinterest of people you would like to get connected with.

Note down all the popular people you want to connect and their interests. Now your work is to share this list on your Twitter handle.

Go to each person’s profile, you have mentioned in the list. Copy their twitter @handle and interest. Mention it in your list with their names.

Now click ‘post on twitter’ option which you will get on your Pinterest. It will post the same list on twitter too and notify all these people that you have included them on your list and would like to get connected.

This will increase your reach in your industry as you would get connected to some influential people. Always make sure that you are including right people on your list.

Final Words

These were some actionable tips to increase your free twitter followers. Try them now to get good results.

Also, create a creative and unique content on your blog which will attract a larger audience.

The tips mentioned above will help you to gain more and more followers with each passing day if you follow these tips properly.