How To Get Free Google Play Codes In Legal Ways In 2020

Free Google Play Codes MyTechTrail
Free Google Play Codes MyTechTrail

Most of the people here must have an android phone. Androids has encroached the artificial intelligence. The humans, today, are hugely depended on android technology.

All of us might, at least for once, have had used an android and if not then somewhere, in one or the other way we lacking it. If you have an Android device or simply like to frequent the Google Play store, free Google Play credits might be of great value to you.

As, these have a great value for those who find it interesting to spend time on surfing play-store; as they provide a huge range interesting and good entertaining source they might be the best and favourite spot to spend the time.

There are many apps and books which would have provided you an amazing and tremendous amount of interest if you really could have played them, i.e. some really thrilling, interesting and super exciting games are not free to play they took money from the game lovers to let them play the game. Then where would you get money from?

Now, it won’t repeat again. For that, you have to earn free Google play codes. There exist such websites which assure you to provide you with a tremendous amount of money.

So, from onwards the things will not be repeated. you would play the game which thinks- is awesome. You will enjoy them and would now be able to show-off in front of your friends, your score and would let them get jealous of you.

How To Get Free Google Play Codes In Legal Ways

To get free Google play codes to read the below-given tricks and collect a lot of free money to have fun on Google Play.

Google Opinion Rewards

Many of our viewers and readers might have heard of it as it is very common to some, for those from whom you are getting regularly jealous off.

Those who don’t know, let me tell you it’s like a free opinion that you have to give and for that opinion, Google will pay to you. Sounds easy?

Then why shouldn’t you try it by yourself? This is one of the best ways to earn free Google Play codes.

This is like, for expenditure you are earning from the same shop in which you wants to spend. Sounds awkward?

You want to spend your money on Google play store to play or to read such books which Google is selling to you; thus, you are earning from Google to spend the earned money on Google. For this, you need to log in or sign up for Google opinion rewards.

After the login or sign up you have to open the Google survey team, which in return would send you some surveys which you have to complete.

You could win $1 for each completed survey. You can get many surveys every week if luck is in your favour and in case it is not, then also you will get at least 1 survey every week.

It all depends on luck and further depends upon what does the company want at that time so don’t get late hurry up. Work! otherwise, you work could have taken away from you.

These surveys are definitely going to be different from those which you might have completed with other companies, as these surveys are created by Google.

They could ask you to do a survey on or could have asked your opinion about your favourite logo designs as one example instead of your opinion on a particular politician or your favorite brand of soft drinks.


Now, here comes the best that you must like and if not, no worry there are still more to come next.

This might sounds odd or awkward but really the Swagbucks is one of the awesome ways to earn free Google money as this is really easy and it gives you very exciting tasks to complete.

It gives you surveys to complete as the former one gives but provides you money with other ways also. Other ways might include by watching a video.

A gamer, who loves to play games could be asked to watch a video to earn free money and this amount of money also would not be so small that the gamer could reject the invitation. It is one of the largest prize portals on the web.

This allows you to earn money even by letting you play the games which are free, i.e. you can earn by playing free games. This is what you called, earning with fun. This also allows you to win the money by surfing the web.

This is an amazing option as this does not require a smartphone app to win the money, instead asks you to complete the task; whether on phone or on the laptop.

This could even use smart-phone’s browser which lacks graphics. Again, the thing which should be reminded is the money is not that much small which a player could reject to earn.

While there are many different redemption options at the Swagbucks reward store, the only Google Play gift cards (at the moment) is a $50 card that is worth 5,000 points.


This is also an amazing way to earn free google play credits. With Feature Points, one can earn money really easily and by having fun.

This is what you say real-fun as this provides you money just by letting you play games which are also free and are easily understood. Thus, you can earn points for downloading free apps and trying them for a minute.

What I really mean is? you have to download an app for free (obviously your data would be charged according to your data plan).

This app you would have to play for one minute which is also free and then for doing this, you would earn free google play credits codes.

The apps could get change but what really matters to our low budget fun is it is free and are really interesting. These may include games, music, books, or the latest messenger app.

I really don’t think this offers could be rejected guys. Watching videos also can let you earn money, what could be more interesting and amazing than this fact is?

Now, what you would earn could only be spent as google play credits for paid apps as online gift cards; obviously, you cannot transfer the fund to your bank account. You can speed up the accumulation process with each friend you refer.


Those who are crazy might have well known to the value of 100 point and the value of $1. Actually, those who don’t know, let me tell you that these both quantities are equal.

The InstaGC provides you with the Google Play gift cards codes instantly. If compared from the former ones then this is more flexible, i.e. those efforts which you had made to make money with above methods will make you more money than the amount of money you actually had managed to earn before.

This is really a much easier way to earn enough money to have fun on google play.

For every completed survey you would be rewarded; further, they will award you points when you complete surveys, watch videos, shop online, or search the web as the former offers you, these offers are same but the new thing is-  You even get 10 bonus points just for signing up. This is really an amazing thing.

Many of our viewers might have well known to how the Google play gift cards are available. For those who do not know, let me tell you that they are available in $10, $15, and $25 increments.

Thus, you have to earn at least 1000 points to 2500 points to earn a card. Further, for more, invite a friend and earn more and better with bonus points, starting with 110 points.

Tap Cash Rewards

Tap cash rewards, what is it? this is an app, yes you heard it correctly it is an app which allows you to make money. Now you see everything is getting easier and easier as we moving down you can see money is an easy thing to earn.

An app can be installed I every smartphone, window phones, tablets. Thus, this is another app that allows you to earn free google play credit codes.

This money can be redeemed for Google Play credits.  What the term actually means is that while you are watching videos and while you reading books your money will get redeemed.

This law applied to the games also which are not free to play or those for which Google collects money from you. it offers you an opportunity to earn money daily bonus points and you can earn bonus credit daily.

You can have a VIP status by just logging into and just by linking your Facebook account to this app.

This is no SCAM and is totally safe if you link your Facebook account to this account you are totally and completely safe. You can also get a referral bonus of 100 points for each friend that signs up through your account to earn extra points.


FreeMyApps is a well known and a popular app which allows a crazy google game lover to play all games provided by Google for free.

This allows you to earn points or google play money for downloading apps and games. These games and app, which are mentioned, are free to download are easy to play.

You have to earn bonus points to earn more and to earn faster. For bonus become socially active as your friends could help in collecting the huge amount of money


Junowallet, another exciting and amazing app to earn google play credits which can help you to earn money with ease and comfort. The trick is same to earn the money.

You have to play all the exciting games which this app offers. These will make you money and are all free and really exciting. Doing or completing the surveys which the app suggests also will make you the money that you need.

Most of you might have already had created a view that this app is boring like others but you must know that this is not so. It has a unique feature which has put it here in the top  10 tricks of making money on google play credits.

So, what makes it unique is the feature of call and snap mystery which also makes you money. Now, what is left to do? This is the best I think; if you play, you earn; if you watch the video, you earn money; and if you make a call, you will make money.

This is an awesome innovative idea.  If you receive a mystery rewards offer, you will need to act fast as the offer disappears in ten seconds.

This is also an interesting thing to do. You have to solve the mystery. If you succeeded in solving the mystery, as would be suggested by the app and if you would be smart enough to solve the one, you would have money.


One of the best apps which could make money for you to play google-games counts in them, a cool app which is known as AppNana. The app’s feature is really cool and interesting.

It gives you the money for downloading apps and games. I don’t know what would be your reaction if I say that this app will give you 400 points each day you log in to your account. This is really a good sum of money.

You can earn nanas for playing a game like Candy Crush or even something as simple as downloading the Facebook app.


This is also known as a cubic reward by its former users. Almost every app or site does the same you can really earn a good sum of money at Cubicer.

It also allows its users, to earn Google Play credits. You can play free games and can watch the video to earn free google play credits.

One of the best ways which are common to earn lots of money is to refer the app to your friend.  You can earn additional credits by referring friends through social media like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Register Your Samsung Device

This might sound, “oh, this is just to Samsung users”.  This is not just it guys. Read the whole trick carefully. Samsung is also gifting its users to have free credits just for registering.

There are possibilities that you could be lucky enough to get rewarded with $25 which is a pretty good deal. In India, this is not a little amount. It equals  1590.25 rupees, which is really a good sum of money.

So friends, if you are not a Samsung user then also you should know this trick as whenever you found any of your friends using a Samsung phone then you just take his phone and register his google account and you could share the money.

To see if you qualify for any current offers, register your Samsung device today!

Last Words

Those who have a bad habit of skipping the real content and jumping directly to the conclusion are again welcomed here. Guys, you need to know that wishes should not be suppressed instead they are needed to be completed.

Don’t change or surf back on google play after looking at the price of your favourite book, app or game. Collect money and have fun.

Above are the best ways which could help you to earn the money on google play. This money is really easy to earn and is really very valuable as this is allowing your wish to come true. So, enjoy guys and have fun with all these tricks.

If you are an apple user you need not worry; you still have many ways to enjoy and to have fun with google play redeem credits.

While you can’t download the Google Play store itself, you can install some of the Google Play apps to your Apple device, for example:- Google Play Books, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV and can take advantage of free Google Play codes.

Friends you have heard the word SCAM here in this article. This is a word which most of may have the knowledge and most of you might have heard it all for the first time.

Guys, many sites assure you free google play redeem credits and what they ask you to do is just adding your account here.

This could be a kind of SCAM friends, don’t fall into that trap; instead, follow the above-recommended sites and app to earn rewards and to have fun. Just don’t fall into the trap.