Top 10 Sites To Download PC Games For Free In 2020

Download PC Games For Free MyTechTrail
Download PC Games For Free MyTechTrail

If you are a 90’s kid, how many of you insisted your parents buy you a personal computer(PC) just for the sake of playing games when you were young? I am one of them.

Playing games felt like the fanciest part of my life when I was young and now with the arrival of new exciting games, the quest for gaming has constantly been going up.

Yes, gaming is the best way to spend your free time and you might find yourself looking for new games often. However, it is difficult to get good games for free of cost.

How nice would it be if I tell you that I can help you for getting the wonderful games right there on your PC without giving you the pain of buying DVDs?

I know buying games DVDs can be one of the most painful things for a person who cannot wait to start gaming because I personally do not like it.

What if I tell you that you can now download the latest arrived games without having the need to buy them?

How wonderful it would be to download your favourite games from some websites! However, downloading games can be quite irritating for you if you do not know the accurate website to download games from.

Top 10 Sites To Download PC Games For Free

So, for all the game lovers who wish to download the games instead of spending money. We are here with the list of some of the best sites from which you can download your favourite games for free.

The list includes best online resources and websites that are dedicated for freeware as well free PC games. Freeware games are nothing but the games that can be played online on your browser irrespective of the operating system of your PC. These are online browser-based games that make use of HTML and flash.

So, are you ready to dive in the list of top 10 websites that let you download PC games for free?

Here we go!

First: Acid-Play

This is one of the best websites where you can easily find all your favourite games. The site has been very effective with the built-in features like search, ratings and recommendations with the help of which you can easily find and download the game of your choice in very less time.

The acid play has been growing as one of the more reliable and supporting free gaming websites around. This is because an acid play has been offering more than 860 free game downloads.

All the games that are listed on are reviewed and they are given ratings in terms of percentage.

This feature of reviews and ratings have been playing an important role for the determining the quality of free games available.

The best feature of the acid play is that it comes up with some of the best mini-games from all over the world.

The website comes up with selected and handpicked games that allow users to download them just at a single click.

The games on the website can be searched manually or you can also view the best games in the top games category and hottest games category.

The acid play is considered as one of the best sites to download PC games. The best part of the acid play is that it comes up with the huge collection of all your favourite games.

Along with the features like search, rating and recommendations, the feature of free download helps you from the effort of buying a DVD for installation of a game.

Doesn’t it sound like cheery on a cake? All the features make this website reliable. As every one of us has a different choice, this website fulfils our respective choice requirements by providing a wide variety of games.


The official link to the website is here:

Second: Caiman Games is a pure freeware game website. You will not get to see any kind of demos or shareware games on this website.

The website offers an impressive number of 4630 games and is considered as one of the most frequently updated freeware gaming websites.

This website has constantly been offering unique games. This games can be played either online or they can be downloaded.

The games on this website are developed by their home developers. So, there has been quite a new uniqueness in the ideas of bringing up new exciting games as compared to others.

This website is one of the best websites for downloading PC games. It is regarded as a website where you can explore a huge collection of games that are available for free download on your PC.


The official link to the website is here:


Third: AllGamesAtoZ

This website is a free online gaming source. The website provides you with a list of games, allows you to download Games and see game reviews before downloading them.

The website has been recently updated so that it can be used on a mobile device.

The new site has come up with dedicated forums that let you talk about gaming, give reviews and comments. In order to download games from this website, you need to do registration with your email account.

Registering yourself on a website that gives you free download links are always better than buying DVDs.


The official link to the website is here:


Fourth: Full Games is responsible for listing the decent number of free computer games. The list includes the games, that are both downloadable and online.

One thing about this website is that it comes up with some demos and realise that can leave people quite irritating.

But the site is considered as an ideal site as it provides us with a free download link to full PC games no matter how small or big games are.

Plenty of games can be found in different genres. The website lists amazing games to play online instantly.


The official link to the website is here:


Fifth: Reloaded Games

This website is considered as the best website for downloading PC games because it comes up with its own kind of game genres.

The freeware games are available for download. The screenshots of reviews help you decide the game of your choice.

The site offers the popular remakes of the games with the additional extra feature along with the music.

This site is renown for its dedication in remaking the classic/retro video games and community made freeware games. Description of the games canoe found in the directory.

On this website, you can find a list of games that you wouldn’t have ever played before.

If you’re a person that isn’t fond of playing larger games, this site is the perfect place for you since it offers unique, small and interesting games.


The official link to the website is here:


Sixth: Ocean of Games

This site is probably the most controversial and questionable site around because of its releases of newer games in almost no time that aren’t available on another site as quickly as they’re available on Ocean of games.

Although the site offers downloads links to many newly released games, they barely have the permission of original copyright holders to distribute them freely.

The home page of Ocean of games includes the newest arrived games along wither links for downloading. It also sorts the games according to their genres and gives you an option to search your favourite game. The site is updated frequently.

So, if you’re looking for the latest games and would love to play them without taking the pain of buying this site is the perfect match for you as it provides you with direct links of all the latest arrived games. The best part of the website is its clean user interface.

Also, it does not throw ads like other sites. All the games listed on the site are hosted on their own server that gives you high-speed downloads.

Wow! All the latest games are just a click away from search bar located in the sidebar.


The official link to the website is here:


Seven: Free PC Gamer

Free PC Gamers is a website that focuses on providing the free game. The website covers the huge range of game genres that include action, adventure, casual, first-person shooter, musical, platform, racing, role-playing games, simulation, sports, strategy and few more.

The website comes up with games that can be either downloaded or played online. This website is also responsible for providing news about games.

It also has a forum where many people provide you with the instructions and tips to play various kinds of games. The website allows you to download a full version of games.


The official link to the website is here:


Eight: Game top

This website comes up with an amazing list of freeware games. The games listed over here are sorted as the Latest games, Most popular, most played and random games.

The site also offers some small games that are just pretty much addictive. The site may not be favourable for downloading the mainstream PC games, but it offers a crazy range of collection of small games, for which it is actually renown for.

Before downloading any game on this site, you can read its description, check its number of downloads and ratings to decide whether to download the game or not.

The site offers the feature of browsing and downloading many hidden objects, racing, action, sim & farm, puzzle, boards, cards, arcade games and much more.

The site lists the collection of latest and most popular games. It also gives the categories of most played games and random games. Suits best for the PCs that come with the limitation of the hardware.


The official link to the website is here:


Ninth: Origin Games

Origin is a popular website that lets you purchase games at a reasonable price. Many games here go free and when they go free, they can be found in the section of Origin’s free.

The website allows you to download the demos, beta version and full version of almost all popular games.

The website is often called as home to a lot of virtual world games available in the market. Most of the premium games are available for free.

This website is highly recommended to you only if you have premium or very classic choice. The games are not free because of the high-end graphics used in them.


The official link to the website is here:


Tenth: GOG

GOG is the widely popular website that provides DRM-free games. many games here are available at huge discounts ranging from 50% to 70%.

However, if you dive deeper into the GOG free games section, you will find thousands of free games that can be downloaded and played on Windows, Mac and Linux operating system.

You can always filter the search by Genre, feature, language, company and more.


The official link to the website is here:

Final Words

The above-mentioned websites are the finest websites to download the PC games for free according to my knowledge.

However, if you do not find these websites useful enough, I’m providing here another list of some well-known websites along with their official links.

Don’t mind to have a look just because they aren’t listed in the top 10 websites.

Hope you find this lists useful.

Happy downloading! Happy Gaming!