10 Best Virtual Reality Games For Android To Look For In 2020

Best Virtual Reality Games For Android MyTechTrail
Best Virtual Reality Games For Android MyTechTrail

How about dragging just your eyes to places that you have never seen? Here emerges the 21st-century gaming experience.

Virtual reality games is something that partially drags you to the world of gaming, making you witness an entire touch of virtual reality videos.

Your eye is the only thing that makes you see the world, having this in mind technology has chosen us to view things from just one place.

How is that possible? All you have to do is to wear the virtual reality headset around that lets you see things.

This technology is used in various fields like advertising, gaming and business. For example, we don’t know what really happens inside a dishwasher or a vacuum cleaner.

All we know is that they are used for washing and cleaning. We do not understand the mechanism unless and until we see it through our own eyes.

Recently the company Bosch was advertising their dishwashing machine through virtual reality to make their customers understand its working principle.

This real-time example made the people visualize the inner view of how the dishwasher functions, with vessels inside. This sounds to be the best mode of advertising.

What if this principle is implemented in the gaming world? This would be an amazing experience to witness 3d and 4d gaming. These days more innovative and user-friendly virtual reality games are introduced.

The latest VR games allow you to play on multiple devices with a single gamer name. VR games are designed in such a way that they give the better experience than the laptop and play station.

Even the simplest games are found to more interesting while playing through the virtual reality games with headset. You also have controllers attached to it, which can be used inside the gaming environment

10 Best Virtual Reality Games For Android To Look For In 2020

Here are the best virtual reality games that give you a thrilling gaming experience.

Mekorama VR

Puzzles, in general, are not so interesting to us when compared to road rash and clash of clans. Mekorama VR is a game where you can find yourself interested in puzzles in a completely different environment.

Here is where you are going to meet the robot B and help him find its way back home. You are put in the world of puzzles! The only way to make your tiny robot get home is to solve the puzzles.

This one is an interesting game with 50 levels. You also have the opportunity to create your own level. The game provides you with a built-in QR code, which enables you to play the levels created by other players.


This game stands first in the VR gaming list, with features like relaxing gameplay, charming robots, collectable level cards, diorama maker and small install size of about just 4MB.

This game emits more than it consumes, it also gives you a unique QR code through which you can communicate your gaming improvements with friends in social media.

This is one is unlike the other puzzle games, it increases your practical thinking skills and is worth downloading.


This game can be played as long as we want to and can be paid completely based on our opinion. The game also gives you opportunities to develop levels in it.

You can also share your gaming experience with your friends for greater motivation.



It is another puzzle game for your VR box. This game is available in both VR and non-VR forms. This one is amazingly designed with a single button input for the gamers to feel more comfortable.

You are going to experiences three different scenarios like explorations, timed obstacles and mazes. All you have to do is to collect all the shining crystals and look forward to unique words

There is no place for action genre in this games, it’s completely based on teleporting. You are only going to stay on ground and tap into places for your exploration.

This game involves the technological use of Bluetooth controllers and magnetic switches. Better make yourself comfortable in a place where you can turn 360 degrees.


The game helps you a small tutorial in the first level. The graphics are claimed to be completely amazing.

This gives you a completely different experience when compared to other puzzle games. It is completely made available in your app store. The game is not complicated with many levels.


This game seems to be quiet fascinating for both kids and adults. You can purchase this game in the app store for free.

You need not be scared of the gaming effects, they are simple and relaxing.

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Hunters Gate

Let’s step back from the puzzle genre and head ourselves towards action. This game is not to be fetched from your Android app store.

You will find yourself a protagonist in the midst of demons destroying the planet. The Game is filled with surprising opportunities that eventually make you stronger with it.

The demons try to play back on you faster, so it is better to be attentive when the game is on. The involvement of virtual movement is less.

This game can be purchased with$5.9. you have also got a daydream controller that gives you an aerial view of the game.


This game is an action thriller where you turn out to be the saviour of the world. The game does not prefer kids as their gamers.

Hunters gate is designed to provide you with a visual treat by its breathtaking 3d backgrounds.


It’s a fast-moving game for action game lovers. Its claims moderate moves and speed.

Hunters game makes you witness a complete virtual reality experience in a single scenario.


Gun Jack 2: End of Shift

The game transports you to the dangerous outer ring of New Eden. The first and foremost thing you will have to do is to check whether your device supports the version or not.

You will also require a Daydream compatible phone and a Daydream compatible virtual reality games headset to witness Gun Jack2.

The game developer also demands you to use wired headphones to experience the high-quality audio bandwidth.

How about finding you on a new mission every day? This game is all about your survival.

Far from the comforts of civilization, you will be dropped into a world where everyone fights for their own survival.


This is going to be a sky landscape shooting game with screaming voices and terrific background. You have nothing but Gun Jack 2 to defend yourself from the uncivilized environment.

The game appears to be more comfortable with all voices turned off. The real challenge lies in how sensitive it is to use the shields.


This game is far more improved with the new use of technologies like slick motion control integration.

The game treats you with endless replaying and grabs you with ne missions every day.


Need for Speed

This is what the really happens when VR sets you up on a car race game. Need for speed makes you drive through the ruffs and challenges.

You are dropped into a dynamic environment completely sealed to your driver’s seat. We all have great passion towards bike and car racing but this one is going to be a 21st-century gaming experience.

The game demands you to drive against a crew of racers in different terrain, aquatic and dark backgrounds. You have additional features like tracking, speeding and other powerups that can be used to race your opponents.

All you do is the race to win! You have also got endless racing opportunities even in the case of failure.


Need of speed emerges to be one of those advanced VR games but, the control sensors are claimed to be weak.

This might prevent you from shift actions and increases your probability to lose. Apart from this, Need for speed is an amazing game.


The game gives you the most classic VR racing experience with a lot of obstacles more than expectations.

The game also increases you situation handling skills.


VR X-Racer-Aero Racing Games

Clashing the stars and feeling the skies this is the game of aero racing. Well, this sounds far more amazing than the car racing games!

You will be placed in the field of star war3, an air battle. You are also going to be the guardians of earth protecting it from the invading spaceship attack.

This is all about the courage you develop and fight for the right cause against the enemies. You will be facing a series of obstacles and a thrilling flight out there.

It is also to be noted that this game is compatible with all mobile devices with no limitations imposed on its gaming availability.


There are no negative reviews on this game, most of the reviews are positive. This is the best VR game for starters; the game also has a gradual touch of obstacles.

The game developer cautions you to play in a safe place where don’t fall off while jumping.


There are no limitations imposed on the game and it’s compatible to all mobile devices.

Additional features like multicolour themes, 3d visual effect and improved graphics quality make the game even more interesting.

Insidious VR

Moving down to the most threatening horror genre, insidious VR is the game that furnishes you with a scary gaming experience. Almost all of us know about the intensity of horror the movie Insidious has bought to us.

To all Halloween lovers, this game is going to be your cup of tea. The game demands the use of Google cardboard viewer for a breathtaking VR experience.

This VR game is designed as per the plot of Insidious chapter3, as you travel across the dark pathway.

Here Elise Rainier will be acting as your guide to the horrors of the afterlife. All you do is to navigate as per your guide’s instruction.


The game’s got talent; it is a chill game which is far better than the expectations.

The app description clearly tells you that this game is only compatible for devices like Samsung galaxy s5, Nexus 5 and Nexus 6.


Gaming here is a visual treat to all horror lovers.

The game is going to make you move 360 degrees with high-quality soundtracks. It gives you a clear picture of how VR works inside gaming.


Galaxy VR

What happens when two most loved genres are brought together in a single game?

Here is Galaxy virtual reality games videos that brings aerial fighting and shooting together in its virtual reality gaming experience. The game continuously switches you from ground battles to aerial cockpits, where you fight to dissolve your enemies.

The game requires a controller with the joystick to make sure all your controls work.


The game seems to be pretty immersive with simultaneous tasks like shooting and watching your ship movements.

The game turns out to be one of the best Google cardboard games.


Multiple gaming environments with tons of missions embedded in it. It has the absolute best 3d SBS experience that allows stable control support.


Minos Starfighter VR

It is also named End space VR. The game deals with fighting in cockpits, usually in an aerial environment. This is similar to Clash of cans where you fight against stronger enemies as you progress higher.

In this game, you pilot a small spaceship across intense space battles. Your laser weapons are your headset’s trigger button that makes you smash your opponent’s aircraft.

The game claims to be under the Google cardboard wheel.


The game is amazing with outstanding graphics and new innovative levels. Still, there are some issues related to the sensors and some people find it difficult to play in the VR environment.


The game’s got three amazing space environments to fly through and never-ending gameplay with increased enemy power.

Hidden Temple VR Adventure

This is an adventure game that drags you into the midst of deepest jungles. The game is now available in your app store for your android devices.

You will find yourself in the world of traditional jungle. The game is more like Tarzan where you hunt adventures to strive the harsh environment of the jungle.

The game combines a series of puzzles to be solved with treasure hunts at your destination.


The game appears to be positive and amazing to its gamers.

The game turns out to be simple and user-friendly. The only drawback is that there are not more levels in it.


The game is user-friendly with relatively low cost.

The game has advantageous features like a 360-degree view and 3d positional sound effects.